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Solid Planning

Responsible Spending

What I Believe In - My Platform

Responsible Spending. • Solid Planning. • Community Building
  • Affordable Housing for Seniors and young families.
  • Improve smaller bus inner city bus transportation for more efficient and flexible service to bus terminals.
  • Protection of the Sturgeon River Valley and a wildlife corridor to protect both wild animals and the public.
  • Continue to lobby for advance left turns off the St. Albert Trail and sequential traffic lights timed to the posted speed limit to move traffic on the Trail. Southbound in the morning and northbound in the afternoon.
  • Continue to lobby for the connection of Ray Gibbon Drive to Highway 2 North to get the heavy truck traffic off the Trail.
  • Continue to consider all options for the proposed branch library including placing it in under utilized areas in Servus Place.
  • Continue to work for a policy to require cyclists to dismount and walk bikes across major intersections as a major safety feature.
  • Continue to work in establishing Community Gardens on unused City land.
  • Zero based budgeting and holding the line on hiring of staff to not exceed the percentage population increase as a guideline.
  • Develop a light industrial park in the 200 acre zone west of St. Albert and made of uplands purchased several years ago.
  • Establish a 6 pm time slot for citizens to appear before council.
  • Work with Sturgeon County to create an expanded Villeneuve Civic Airport Authority to provide scheduled air service to Northern Alberta.
  • Reduce the use of photo radar and have more visible police presence.
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Solid Planning

Community Building

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